Girls Just Want To Have F U N

So0o0o0o Friday Night’s client meeting turned Penthouse party in Embankment left me feeling like death warmed up on Saturday morning. Not the best way to start a sunny saturday… But luckily I had booked a pamper session a few weeks before at 12pm that day, so off I trot to Holborn for my 2hr pamper session. This included a full body Massage, full body detoxifying Mask and facial. I was half expecting to ‘skip’ out the salon door like a new woman ready to embrace the day… Unfortunately I left feeling just as grim as when I walked into the spa… I can’t say it was the best I have ever had but I’m not sure I can judge when I resembled a gremlin with a head full of ‘toxins’. I kept my head down and caught the train back to Kent which is slow and takes an hour… I crashed and burned…

The girls and I; Gemma, Parris and Katharine had planned a Mumu’s night out for a few weeks. We had been looking forward to a well needed catch up…. Saturday 8th March was girls night! My tan was looking fresh from yesterday’s spray and the girlies were looking HOT as per usual… Met up with a few old mass and we all had an awesome night. We raved on down to source bar (which I haven’t been to in about two years) needless to say I ended up crawling home at 5am…Kaf and I sat in my kitchen (which has unlimited amounts of FOOD urgh stuffing ours faces with copious amounts of junk… ‘Detox starts Monday’

Me, Kaf, Gem


Me, Kaf, Gem, Pal


Pre Drinks at Mine 🙂


Freaking Love a Mini Skirt


Cheese Balls




Virgo Babies


With my Good Boy Friends Stephen & Neil 😀


Always packed on a Saturday







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